The Other Side

I made it back. As I write this, my suitcase has not, but I’m going to remain hopeful, and meanwhile, I’m with my daughter. That is far more important than having my favorite clothes and makeup and hair products and jewelry home with me. The trip was extraordinary. If we’re Instagram friends you know this: […]


I am going away in a few days without Luciana, something I have never done before. This was a hard freaking decision because I’m just that mom that doesn’t like to leave. I’ve never spent one night away from her, and now I’m spending 5 on the other side of the world. (To be fair, […]


  The 3 of us escaped to Hawaii for July 4th weekend. Though we only had 3 full days there it was one of the most perfect trips we could have imagined.   Luciana is almost 2—at the end of this month she will be. She looks so much like a littleĀ girlĀ these days. Her language […]


We were here last week. 5 square miles in the Caribbean Ocean and, including us, there were 8 people on the resort. We had Time as a family Time as a couple (oops no couple pics) Time individually with Luciana Time alone It was such a happy week–we haven’t had that much time together the […]

My Stanislavski

Here are a few pics from Taos–we had a gorgeous time, all 4 generations of us. Luciana is now obsessed with dogs (or “dah” as she says whenever we see one) thanks to Sam and Lucy, who she spent lots of floor time with. The newness of what she does every day continues. Today was […]

Weekend for Three

As I said we were, we went away last weekend. It was….so lovely. Sky and I had amazing time with Luciana together—that was most of the weekend and that was wonderful. She looked back and forth to us with what seemed like big delight and a bit of fascination—we were really light on the family […]

Bali with a Belly

We went to Bali. It is an extraordinary place. a rice paddy we hiked down into. I wish the time of day allowed me to capture the green better….. Ganesha at one of 3 stunning temples we visited. The more overgrown or worn away they were the more I loved them. The market in Ubud. […]

Up North

We did, as I said we would, head to San Fran over the weekend. We did, as I said we would, eat A LOT. I’m being really conscious in my pregnancy that this is not a time to eat whatever I want whenever I want to because 1) I want to feed the hummingbird beautiful […]

How does it happen that I’m still sitting here in my puffy jacket I pulled out since it was raining this morning, haven’t turned any lights on, have been lying on my stomach (better do it while I still can) and have been roaming the internet for…..how long?? There’s a pile of paper next to […]


Happy New Year!!! Oh how are you?! I thought everyone in blog land took a holiday between Christmas and New Year’s and one day I was trolling around and lo, there were entries. There were things to read. People even posted ON the holidays. Sorry I didn’t. Sometimes it’s amazing to be away from the […]

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