Luciana turned two on July 29, and I think I’ve been waiting for that definitive thing to say about this big big year. There’s not one thing; there aren’t one hundred things. As I think back over the last year, and all I’ve witnessed, and all I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of […]


  The 3 of us escaped to Hawaii for July 4th weekend. Though we only had 3 full days there it was one of the most perfect trips we could have imagined.   Luciana is almost 2—at the end of this month she will be. She looks so much like a little girl these days. Her language […]

Holiday Shoot (Finally!)

It took us 17 months to do our first official family shoot, but we finally did, with the inimitable Max Wanger. I can’t believe it took us that long to get our act together to actually do some, and this was a mini-shoot, but a shoot nonetheless! We have another one scheduled for end of March […]

Happy Endings

Today was going to be the end of the world. Or so I heard.  A friend told me when she was in Macchu Piccu the descendants of the Mayans there were planning on throwing a huge party today. That this wasn’t the end as in we’re all goners, but an end as in a time […]

Take 2

I’m sitting here with so much to clean up. And an audition to work on (yay). And the conflicting desires to have a big glass of wine and do some yoga in the living room in an attempt to feel in shape, which is something I’m wondering if I’ll ever feel again. And while I […]

It’s Upon Us

It’s just that time of year. That wonderful crazy sometimes overwhelming time of year. An acting teacher I had in college said something once which I never forgot. He said, “You do the things that are important to you.” Meaning there’s really no such thing as I Don’t Have Time or I Just Couldn’t; there’s […]

First Thanksgiving and Four Months

Hope you all have had a beautiful couple of weeks! We spent Thanksgiving in Taos with my dad, stepmom, grandmother, 2 sisters, and brother-in-law. ‘Twas a merry crew. Luciana’s adventures included meeting her great-grandmother (who doesn’t want pics of herself online), seeing her first snow wearing her first mittens (thanks, Karianne!) and helping Mama catch […]

My little Yowl

Luciana was going to be an owl for Halloween. Instead she is a Yowl. The card said Happy Owleen. I was all set to pose her in a tree for you. I probably don’t need to say that didn’t happen. Oh, babies. They’re just not show ponies. Happy Hallowen!

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