Blessing for a New Mama

  One of my best friends is due with her baby girl in 3 weeks. One of the women in our circle organized a small shower for her, and as part of the shower everyone wrote a blessing for our friend. Here’s mine for her, pulled from so many corners of the last 2 years. […]


Luciana turned two on July 29, and I think I’ve been waiting for that definitive thing to say about this big big year. There’s not one thing; there aren’t one hundred things. As I think back over the last year, and all I’ve witnessed, and all I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of […]


Sky and I went to a wedding of a dear friend last weekend. Luciana came with us to the ceremony as that part was at 2 in the afternoon, and she got to wear her first party dress, which was courtesy of a wonderful friend in the fashion world of New York. It ended up […]


38 weeks 39 weeks….. Each time I post I wonder if it’ll be the last time before the baby, who’s due on Sunday. I was up Tues morning from 1:30-4am just lying there for no apparent reason. Of course I wondered if something was about to start; it didn’t; I finally went back to sleep […]

4th of July Weekend

I made and wrote a bunch of Thank You notes all you need is colorful inexpensive cards from Paper Source, along with a Thank You stamp and an ink pad. the state of my desk on Sunday morning. I kinda like the chaos for once. There’s that ink pad. Sky and I went away for […]

Now there’s not much to do but wait. I had my second shower this weekend, this one co-ed and hosted by the lovely and amazing Kristina and her husband/Sky’s brother Brock. (Some women who take my yoga class threw me a beautiful one earlier this month.) I do love a coed shower. I knew it […]

First June Weekend

I can’t take credit for these photos—that goes to Kristina when she, Brock and Dashiell stayed here while their house had some painting done on the inside. But I will take credit for landing at Trader Joe’s where it is indeed peony time, and landing there at the perfect moment to snatch some of the […]

Mama’s Birthday

My mom’s birthday is New Year’s Eve. Apparently people born on New Year’s Eve have special powers. That’s only fair because holiday birthdays in general can be tough. People wanting to combine presents and everything. Mom hadn’t had a party in a while so I decided it was time, and we did it last night […]

Dandelion Ranch

Sounds like somewhere nice to hang out, doesn’t it? It’s actually the name of my most favorite flower design boutique in LA. Run by Clover and Fern (I mean, C’MON), it’s not a shop you walk up to but rather a tucked-away stone room in Baldwin Hills where you can make an appointment to visit. […]

Lemon Birds

It was my birthday last Friday, and on Sunday after a matinee preview Sky wrangled friends to drink rose with me at The Other Room There he is, dutifully filling my glass for the, um, 4th time? photos courtesy of Kristina—you’re the best, as always I do love birthday prezzies, I must say, and Juliana, […]

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