How does it happen that I’m still sitting here in my puffy jacket I pulled out since it was raining this morning, haven’t turned any lights on, have been lying on my stomach (better do it while I still can) and have been roaming the internet for…..how long?? There’s a pile of paper next to […]

I Have No Limits!!

At least that’s how I’m expecting to feel now that I bought the new No Limit Tank from Lululemon. I didn’t actually BUY it in the traditional sense of the word—I had a gift card, which is my favorite way to buy anything. I saw a girl wearing one at the gym a few days […]

Coming and Going

We’re moving on Sunday. We are moving into an adorable 2-bedroom, 2-bath little house where after 4 years I will have a bathtub and a closet that doesn’t require a stepladder and arabesques to reach my dresses. There’s going to be some repainting happening on the inside, and some gardening happening on the out, and […]

I Heart Beth Lapides

I have such aspirations for my blog! Such organization, such regularity, such consistency! I’ve planned and re-planned the themes, what I’ll do every Monday, every Thursday, when I’ll post quotes…..I’ve managed to do exactly NONE of the above. I get here when I get here, and, in my quest to embrace my imperfections, focus on […]

Yoga and My Husband and A Very Cool Offer

361 days ago I married my hero. Our one year anniversary is this Sunday; we’re going to meet up in Del Mar (where we got married) late Sunday night after my show and spend til Tuesday morning there. I can’t believe it’s been a year—and yet I can—-I feel like I’m still getting used to […]

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