Green Product Round-Up

I haven’t done a product post in a looooooooooong time. But I’ve tried some new ones lately that I really love, so here goes. All of these are greener than green. You’ll notice several are from Ava Anderson. Michaleen from over there sent me a lovely sampling, and I’m including her info at the end […]

(Baby) Nay, I Say

I’m going to tell you all about the birthday. When I finish picking up wrapping paper and sit still long enough to take it all in. This, however, is something I’ve been intending to post about for a month! I love that by being a mama I make friends I wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s through […]

Get Curious

OMG people. I’m taking a detour today from mama musings because I can’t not share the adorableness that is Tiny Curiosity. Created by one of my besties Carmen‘s cousin Julia, it is honestly some of the most darling baby clothes, nursery decor, and little accessories that I’ve ever seen. Seriously! Don’t stop reading if you’re […]

We Love Now….

A couple of things I am really enjoying with Miss Thing over here: First, the Kissy Kissy long-sleeve onesie. Someone gave me one of these before Luciana was born (I think that person was hedging a bet I was having a girl—the onesie had lace trim and everything) and after one wear I immediately went […]

What She Is…..

Somewhere in Luciana’s first weeks of life I started talking to her about her Little Body and Big Soul. I think it first came out when I was comforting her—it struck me, and still strikes me daily— how much feeling and spirit is in her currently 14-lb, 26-inch physical body. Every day it seemed we’d […]

Moulin Roty toy company

Here’s what it looks like these days: Luciana naps for 25-45 minutes at a time a few times a day. During said naps, mama either 1)gets a little exercise and /or takes a shower and/or throws some laundry in 2) frets that the house is a mess and tries to clean then remembers that it […]

Tane Organics

Am I way behind all hip mamas in that I am just now finding out about Tane Organics? I saw some of their stuff when I was in one of my most favorite baby stores and I am head-over-heels. Want to wrap Luciana up in everything they make. And who are the babies on their […]

Paulina Quintana

One of us in this house gets to be fashionable. It’s not me. Thanks to Aunt Kristina scoring at a consignment store in Solana Beach, Luciana is decked out below in a bib and diaper cover by LA fave Paulina Quintana. Honestly, when the weather is warm (which, sadly for this outfit, it is starting […]

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