What She Is…..

Somewhere in Luciana’s first weeks of life I started talking to her about her Little Body and Big Soul. I think it first came out when I was comforting her—it struck me, and still strikes me daily— how much feeling and spirit is in her currently 14-lb, 26-inch physical body. Every day it seemed we’d talk about this, and I thought it would make a really cute t-shirt. I also know I am amazingly incredibly inept when it comes to the visual arts: my stick figures don’t pass the third grade level. While I can probably write in paint better than create images in paint, I accept my limitations, which I think is a strength, and I did want a shirt that looked like someone older than her made it. So knowing that I had a) a lack of talent in the paint department b)no fabric paint or plain onesie on hand c)no desire to make a trip to the craft store for said supplies, I went to land of all things delightful and handmade: Etsy, where I found Little Dewdrops. I felt when I looked at her other shirts that she’d get why I wanted one that said this for my daughter. I pitched her my design, she said Yes, and Luciana’s first custom shirt was born. I also had one made for one of my favorite 3-yr-olds.

I think she knows I’m talking about her.
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6 Responses

  1. 17 beats. says:

    i love this ! i am a new mama to a 1-month old, and am amazed by the FEELINGS she has ! such BIG emotions for such a small babe !

    Tinkerbell was described as being so small, she could only experience one feeling at a time … i think the same is true for babies.

  2. I love the comparison to Tinker Bell! Congrats on your little one. There's nothing like this love.

  3. Meghan says:

    There is nothing like it. I am always whispering tiny sayings to Zoe, hoping that they sink in somewhere.

  4. excellent!! don't you want a box of them now to give as gifts? i do!!

  5. @meghan: me too!!! and Zozo is so adorable. @superpretty: I DO. but that would require way more time for crafts than i currently have. want a holiday job?:)

  6. The littlest says:

    i love it! i would totally get one of those for elodie! and she knows you are talking about her, look at her beautiful, knowing eyes. lucky mama!!

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