A Girl’s Guide to Lifting the Clouds

This was kind of an epic weekend for Luciana. Saturday morning we went to a pumpkin patch with her cousins

after which Mama took her to a playground where she continued her mastery of the slide.


And wore herself out.


(For those of you following me on Instagram I know you’ve kinda seen these. I left my camera in Los Feliz today which means I might not get it back til 2014. Or at least the end of this week. So we’re limited on images.)

Then Sunday she rode a pony for the first time! And pretty much loved it. There have been many a “neigh” in this house today.


She passed out 30 min before her usual bedtime.

no photo available

Ok, my deep dark secret as to why I’m really here today: Luciana has been waking up at 430 am for 8 weeks. And not going back to sleep. I know I said in the last post she was a good sleeper. I think I thought she was going to get back on track the next day. It hasn’t happened yet, and we’re doing everything we know how to do and consulting the experts. Then this week she decided she didn’t want to nap in the crib. So it’s been, erm, rocky. I think I’m finally surrendering. She’s doing great for the most part despite breaking all the baby sleep rules; I’ve had my moments. Which has led me to this:


5 Fast Things You Can Do When

a) you’re overtired which for me equals extra vulnerable to the committee of mean voices in my head telling me I am not enough in any area of my life

b) you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you’ve convinced that NO ONE, EVER in the history of the world has ever gone through what you’re going through! (and of course we all know the accuracy of that statement)

c) you know you’re a happier person when you take some time to connect to your soul, but 4am is just out of the question.

d) you’re not a big fan of how you’re acting around your husband. He’s not a big fan either.


A Girl’s Guide to Getting Spiritually Fit in 5 Minutes or Less

1. Make a gratitude list. I’m actually part of a group of women who emails each other gratitude lists every night. Taking a few minutes, 60 seconds even, to articulate the blessings in your life  brings them to the forefront. It’s a lot harder to stay in the yuck after writing all the good.

2. Notice the expression on your face. I catch myself frowning so often! Not because I’m in bad mood, really, I’m just concentrating so hard. On the laundry. Or the cilantro. It’s not that serious, self! Softening that semi-scowl into an expression I’d like to see if I were my daughter looking up at me actually feels really nice. Probably helps reduce lines on my face too….

3. Have your go-to wisdom books. A current fave of mine is Book of Awakening by this guy. But I do have a stack. I’ve been known to run into my room, open to a random page, and emerge a new person.

4. B.R.E.A.T.H.E. like all the way down into your belly. maybe hold it there for a second.

5. And finally, find the most beautiful or fun or delicious or sweet or poignant thing about the moment at hand. Dive in there. It’s never coming back.





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5 Responses

  1. Rachel Braude says:

    Milo’s been waking at 5am for the past week. Not quite as bad at 4:30 but I feel your pain. He also went on a nap strike on Sunday. That made for a rough afternoon for all of us! Love your suggestions. Miss you guys. Hopefully we can do a park play date sometime soon!

  2. Desi says:

    I love your 5 tips. Good list.

  3. nicole says:

    These photos are SO GOOD! Gonna find you on Instagram. I’m @cocohunnicutt. LOVE the new look of your blog. And thanks for those tips. I do #2 sometimes. I feel like I might’ve learned it in yoga. To relax my face. As soon as I tell myself to relax it, I almost always realize I was sporting a mean “bitchface.” 😉

  4. Amanda says:

    I love this post Melanie! I’m keeping this list on my desk from now on 🙂

  5. miss melanie says:

    thank you peoples!!!!! was worried i was sounding all dark n stuff:) glad it resonated and love the emoticons

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