Blessing for a New Mama


One of my best friends is due with her baby girl in 3 weeks. One of the women in our circle organized a small shower for her, and as part of the shower everyone wrote a blessing for our friend. Here’s mine for her, pulled from so many corners of the last 2 years.


I pray that you

Recognize every day what a beautiful divine incredible mama, woman, goddess you are.

Trust your instincts. They are probably right.

Let people help you. We want to.

Give yourself time every single day for the rest of your life to bask in the presence of your child; to be amazed by her; to need nothing more than to sit on the floor and breathe her in.

Remember that she has a loving amazing God and you don’t have to be that

And (your husband) make some time for the 2 of you as the love you share is such a powerful influence on your babe.

Love yourself through what may feel like failures but are both of you growing. There are no last chances.

Celebrate the moments, days, weeks you feel like supermom. You are!

Adore your body for her miracles. You will teach that to your daughter simply by living it.

Fall in love with bubbles all over the bathroom, mud all over the floor, toys EVERYWHERE because this is your child celebrating life.

Laugh, hug and share stories daily.

Accept there are moments you won’t want to do any of it, and that these will pass, especially after some sleep or a bath (yours not hers)

Smile after the 8th trip into her room after bedtime as she comes up with yet another request. This is her wanting to be with you just a little more.

Find time—though probably not at first—for solitude.

Trust your God more than you ever have and allow the miracles of your life to unfold in ways unfathomable before motherhood.


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 painting by Mary Cassat

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