Boeing Boeing

Melanie Lora makes a practical, commanding and straightforwardly sexy (and amazingly slithery) American….
Stage Struck

Melanie Lora’s New Yorker Gloria….generates some much needed heat

SoCal’s favorite Lora is peppy perfection as Gloria
Stage Scene LA

Elemeno Pea

Lora and Beck turn in first-rate characterizations, skillfully navigating the script’s quick transitions from hilarity to poignancy

Melanie Lora excels at balancing the slings and arrows…
Daily Pilot

The ensemble cast is pretty terrific. Lora and Beck have great chemistry…
Broadway World


Lora vividly portrays the ingenue Hypatia with the prescribed devilish twist
LA Times

Melanie Lora is a kick-in-the-pants

Perfectly played by Melanie Lora
Garden Grove Journal

The ever-wonderful Lora proves a delectable pink-and-white heroine, filled with as much spunk as she is strawberries-and-cream
StageScene LA

Lora delivers an exhaustingly rambunctious and whimsical Hypatia
OC Register

Dinner with Friends

The performances are everything in this play, each one finely crafted and exquisitely detailed to match Donald Marguiles’ extraordinary dialogue….Melanie Lora tones down the smugness and authoritarian demeanor of Karen in a manner that is very effective. Her comments are both docile and yet underhanded at the same time and watching her, you can’t help but groan and say to yourself “Ugh, I know someone just like her.”
World of Stage

Lora as Karen works to perfection
Stage Scene LA

Scripts this outstanding are few and far between. So are superb stagings like this one, which will have audiences nodding in recognition of the emotions on display in every scene.
OC Register

The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder

Lora is dazzling, displaying verbal dexterity and delivering emotional fireworks, all of which covers up Jane’s hidden decency. It’s an amazing, virtuoso performance.

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Collected Stories

In some ways, Lisa is the tougher of the two roles — Lora is completely credible as a star student who makes up in drive what she visibly lacks in self-confidence.
LA Times

Chappell and Lora turn in sizzling performances that deliver the play’s underlying premise with smoldering power and sensitive foreshadows of the explosion to come

This production is an ideal nexus of material, director and actors
OC Register

Taking Steps

…the splendidly kittenlike Melanie Lora
LA Weekly

American Tales

Lora excels, bringing warmth and emotional precision to her role as the proper yet passionate Rosannah, a model turn-of-the-century heroine, and her strong voice is put to memorable use in “Rosannah’s Song” and “O Happy Me.”

The Seagull

“…her simplicity, her effortlessness…there was something pure in Lora’s look and ease that was just right.”