The Me I’m Not

I haven’t known what to write lately, and hence, if you’ve noticed, haven’t written in a while. I could of course go on and on about Luciana-every day she does something that blows my mind, even if often by the end of the day when I go to write in her journal I can’t remember […]

The Good Old Days

Hi friends. We’ve been up to all sorts of mischief over here, including touring the Getty museum where Luciana walked downhill for the first time. That was priceless.   Some heavy things have gone down too. A woman I barely know lost her 21-month-old daughter. Though I didn’t know her well at all I sobbed […]

We spent last weekend in Ojai. If we know each other on Instagram or Twitter you’ve seen this one. I learned something this week. I had an audition for a play I was really excited about. I haven’t worked on a play in over a year–my last one closed 2 weeks before I got pregnant […]

I forgot one thing!!

If you read what I posted this morning I forgot to say that all the women took the candles they’d brought home with them. My mom will let them know when I’m in labor and they’ll light them then. Nice, no? K now you have ALL the details on the blessing. X

The Smoke Alarm Broke

Sky was in Europe for a week working. He got back yesterday. I’ve gotten a lot better about sleeping enough when he’s gone–it used to be an excuse for me to exercise all my obsessions, one being that there is never enough time to do everything so I should sleep the bare minimum. Even before […]

Where it Went

hi. i decided to take down the post about my friend. seemed like too much info on too public a domain, y’know? yummy soup coming on friday x

belly hard to show gift to sky


i so want to tell you trying to organize the house–knowing i will surrender this organized space how will i not give it away so surreal only organic!!! for reals!!!

Soon so Soon

Ahoy maties! this week so far has included: closing one play rehearsing another step forward in baby land making a different fig jam you’ll want making a blackberry pie for a husband returning from the wilds of New York working on a stellar commercial you’ll probably see soon re-acquainting myself with my favorite florist in […]

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