What If

I’m almost 30 weeks with this baby! So we are GETTING READY. I am a nesting machine (why it took me 2 1/2 years to put the shelves up in the bathroom that make all the difference I will never know!) and Sky and I just finished the birthing class we took for this one. […]

Blessing for a New Mama

  One of my best friends is due with her baby girl in 3 weeks. One of the women in our circle organized a small shower for her, and as part of the shower everyone wrote a blessing for our friend. Here’s mine for her, pulled from so many corners of the last 2 years. […]

The Other Side

I made it back. As I write this, my suitcase has not, but I’m going to remain hopeful, and meanwhile, I’m with my daughter. That is far more important than having my favorite clothes and makeup and hair products and jewelry home with me. The trip was extraordinary. If we’re Instagram friends you know this: […]


I am going away in a few days without Luciana, something I have never done before. This was a hard freaking decision because I’m just that mom that doesn’t like to leave. I’ve never spent one night away from her, and now I’m spending 5 on the other side of the world. (To be fair, […]

Other People’s Stuff

I have been a bit obsessed about Other People’s Stuff since before having Luciana. I’d say the area that I doubt myself the most as a mother is around Play. I have feared, from the time she was about 3 months and waking up as they do at that age, that I don’t know how […]

Letter to my Toddler

For whatever reason, I struggled with myself over the weekend and Luciana struggled with herself. It’s like we both were feeling itchy in our skins —crankier and more indecisive than usual. Sunday afternoon we all lay down for family nap which has become a weekend ritual. I thought for sure I’d pass out like I […]

A Good Mother

Every day I ask myself am I a good mother; was I a good mother; was I maybe even a great mother. To be fair, I know I’m a good one. But am I as good as I could be? Am I as good as that woman is. Am I as good as I can be for my daughter […]


It’s my first night officially finished with the play. It won’t feel that different to us until Wednesday, I imagine, since Mondays and Tuesdays are always days off with this one. I want to watch Downton Abbey, I want to climb into a scalding bath, heck I even want to organize my desk a bit but […]

Green Product Round-Up

I haven’t done a product post in a looooooooooong time. But I’ve tried some new ones lately that I really love, so here goes. All of these are greener than green. You’ll notice several are from Ava Anderson. Michaleen from over there sent me a lovely sampling, and I’m including her info at the end […]

Done with That

I started rehearsal exactly a year after starting rehearsal for the last play I did. You may remember the hell I put myself through deciding to do it and once I did, how hard but how wonderful it was. I was so excited to be home following that time that I didn’t have a hunger […]

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