O yeah Ojai

Sky and I hid from Halloween this year. We had big plans to be at what I’m sure was an amazing dance party, but having danced quite a lot and drank, I’d say, gallons of champagne at a swanky New York black tie wedding the weekend prior, we were done. Plus we realized we really […]

Weekend in Oz

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to those of you that wrote in after the last post. It means so much to hear from you and I’m glad you want to hear more about all that—I will definitely keep you well abreast. It’s getting warm here–I’m ready for it to be legitimately […]

How my Life Changed in 2006

EEEE!!!!!! how has it been almost a whole other week?? I have clearly not nailed the blogging schedule. And sometimes I’m literally not home all day—I know I could blog from my phone but I am just not there yet. Back in 2006 Sky and I moved to New York for a year. It was […]

Desert Hot Springs

What can happen when 2 people really need a break from urbanity, decide late in the game to get away on an impossibly popular weekend (Valentine’s Day AND President’s Day—JEEZ), have no success finding a room anywhere, but thanks to a wait list spot opening up head to a place neither has heard much of […]

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