Simple but True

This is short and sweet, but it’s what I’ve got for today. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. Fears are paper tigers. Amelia Earhart, a Leo whose birthday was yesterday I saw that quote on twitter and it struck me for its irrefutable truth. The places in […]

Holiday Shoot (Finally!)

It took us 17 months to do our first official family shoot, but we finally did, with the inimitable Max Wanger.¬†I can’t believe it took us that long to get our act together to actually do some, and this was a mini-shoot, but a shoot nonetheless! We have another one scheduled for end of March […]


It’s my first night officially finished with the play. It won’t feel that different to us until Wednesday, I imagine, since Mondays and Tuesdays are always days off with this one. I want to watch¬†Downton Abbey, I want to climb into a scalding bath, heck I even want to organize my desk a bit but […]


I should absolutely be going to bed right now. The show opened on Saturday. It was awesome. In addition to the more-obvious love of rehearsal and performing, one of my favorite times as an actress is the drive home from the theatre after an evening show. Matinees are different–it’s still light out, more cars are […]

My Stanislavski

Here are a few pics from Taos–we had a gorgeous time, all 4 generations of us. Luciana is now obsessed with dogs (or “dah” as she says whenever we see one) thanks to Sam and Lucy, who she spent lots of floor time with. The newness of what she does every day continues. Today was […]

Get Curious

OMG people. I’m taking a detour today from mama musings because I can’t not share the adorableness that is Tiny Curiosity. Created by one of my besties Carmen‘s cousin Julia, it is honestly some of the most darling baby clothes, nursery decor, and little accessories that I’ve ever seen. Seriously! Don’t stop reading if you’re […]

Am I Still Here….?

I just put Luciana to bed. Her new favorite thing is to cruise over to the baby monitor which up until now has perched on the edge of her crib. I see her on the monitor see it, head for it, and I’m whispering to her in the hopes of telepathically communicating to her, “Don’t […]

Working Girls

So I’ve been working. Before I jump into that I’ll catch you up on the last few weeks: Luciana has 2 teeth and is sitting up. And while she can sit, her favorite position seems to be any sort of backbend she can get herself into, which often results in her looking rather like an […]

What She Is…..

Somewhere in Luciana’s first weeks of life I started talking to her about her Little Body and Big Soul. I think it first came out when I was comforting her—it struck me, and still strikes me daily— how much feeling and spirit is in her currently 14-lb, 26-inch physical body. Every day it seemed we’d […]

I’m Dreaming of a White……

It’s early to start thinking of winter, especially when here in SoCal we’re having another Indian summer and it’s almost 90 degrees on the westside. Growing up in South Carolina and now living in LA I can’t say I’m a pro at winter. Real winter. I love to romanticize it, imagine myself in muffs and […]

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