What If

I’m almost 30 weeks with this baby! So we are GETTING READY. I am a nesting machine (why it took me 2 1/2 years to put the shelves up in the bathroom that make all the difference I will never know!) and Sky and I just finished the birthing class we took for this one. […]

Blessing for a New Mama

  One of my best friends is due with her baby girl in 3 weeks. One of the women in our circle organized a small shower for her, and as part of the shower everyone wrote a blessing for our friend. Here’s mine for her, pulled from so many corners of the last 2 years. […]

Simple but True

This is short and sweet, but it’s what I’ve got for today. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. Fears are paper tigers. Amelia Earhart, a Leo whose birthday was yesterday I saw that quote on twitter and it struck me for its irrefutable truth. The places in […]

Everything Always Ok

There are the moments of overwhelm almost every day–some big; some small. You know the ones–be they about the house, job, family, money, body, spirit—they enter quicker than you can shut the door to them and for the time they’re in residence they reign. Sometimes I can shoo them out without too much hassle; other […]

Letter to my Toddler

For whatever reason, I struggled with myself over the weekend and Luciana struggled with herself. It’s like we both were feeling itchy in our skins —crankier and more indecisive than usual. Sunday afternoon we all lay down for family nap which has become a weekend ritual. I thought for sure I’d pass out like I […]

A Good Mother

Every day I ask myself am I a good mother; was I a good mother; was I maybe even a great mother. To be fair, I know I’m a good one. But am I as good as I could be? Am I as good as that woman is. Am I as good as I can be for my daughter […]


I should absolutely be going to bed right now. The show opened on Saturday. It was awesome. In addition to the more-obvious love of rehearsal and performing, one of my favorite times as an actress is the drive home from the theatre after an evening show. Matinees are different–it’s still light out, more cars are […]

Happy Endings

Today was going to be the end of the world. Or so I heard.  A friend told me when she was in Macchu Piccu the descendants of the Mayans there were planning on throwing a huge party today. That this wasn’t the end as in we’re all goners, but an end as in a time […]

Take 2

I’m sitting here with so much to clean up. And an audition to work on (yay). And the conflicting desires to have a big glass of wine and do some yoga in the living room in an attempt to feel in shape, which is something I’m wondering if I’ll ever feel again. And while I […]

The Good Old Days

Hi friends. We’ve been up to all sorts of mischief over here, including touring the Getty museum where Luciana walked downhill for the first time. That was priceless.   Some heavy things have gone down too. A woman I barely know lost her 21-month-old daughter. Though I didn’t know her well at all I sobbed […]

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