A couple of mornings ago, Luciana woke up at 6:15. I woke up at 6:06 and upon checking the clock, immediately panicked. My daughter has slept past 6am exactly 3 times in the past 6 months, so 6:15 seemed like justifiable cause for alarm. Then I remembered: oh yes. Me and worry. We’re old friends […]

Am I Still Here….?

I just put Luciana to bed. Her new favorite thing is to cruise over to the baby monitor which up until now has perched on the edge of her crib. I see her on the monitor see it, head for it, and I’m whispering to her in the hopes of telepathically communicating to her, “Don’t […]

8 Months

Luciana is 8 months today. Or yesterday. I’m writing this on Thursday but it’ll post on Friday so….ok. She’s 8 months or 8 months and a day. I’ve been really emotional this week and though it doesn’t feel specifically about her having a mini-birthday, I think in some ways it is. I already feel her […]

Off We Go

We’re going away this weekend. Just the 2 of you, everyone asks? Mais non. I just got my fulltime mom life back–I’m not giving my baby up for a night. However, while this is a family trip, Sky and I are super excited about this weekend for us as a couple. Can we talk for […]


Sky and I went to a wedding of a dear friend last weekend. Luciana came with us to the ceremony as that part was at 2 in the afternoon, and she got to wear her first party dress, which was courtesy of a wonderful friend in the fashion world of New York. It ended up […]

New Age

Quickly, my friends: Today, 11.11.11 marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Moving away from a self-centered age (Piscean) and into one focussed on community and elevating the experience of being human. Much more about coming from the heart. It’s been a long time coming. I’m actually going to take time this morning to […]

3 Months

Luciana turned 3 months last Saturday. I’m more smitten than ever. And it’s true what They say about the transition that happens at 3 months. She’s been an incredibly alert baby since she came out, and she’s only becoming more so. The transitions they talked about, though, didn’t include the challenge that happened last night, […]

Reading Material

I’ve read some incredible articles lately on parenting and want to share two of them with you. I don’t think you need to be a parent to find these very very worth your time. This first one, from the Atlantic monthly, was given to me by the leader of the moms’ group I’m in, which […]

Parenting Lessons at 2 Months

Coco (which we sometimes call Luciana) is 2 months tomorrow Parenting lessons of the week: I completely and totally understand how parents stare at their child and say “YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD”. There is no way to me Luciana could be more beautiful, more perfect, more adorable, more lovable. And […]

End of Days

photo here Summer is actually ending. I know by the calendar we have 13 more days, but the light looks different. I always start noticing it in mid-August, always with a pang. I get nostalgic for days that haven’t even happened yet, already missing the weeks that lie ahead. This end-of-summer I’ve been inside more […]

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