Simple but True

This is short and sweet, but it’s what I’ve got for today. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. Fears are paper tigers. Amelia Earhart, a Leo whose birthday was yesterday I saw that quote on twitter and it struck me for its irrefutable truth. The places in […]

Other People’s Stuff

I have been a bit obsessed about Other People’s Stuff since before having Luciana. I’d say the area that I doubt myself the most as a mother is around Play. I have feared, from the time she was about 3 months and waking up as they do at that age, that I don’t know how […]


I should absolutely be going to bed right now. The show opened on Saturday. It was awesome. In addition to the more-obvious love of rehearsal and performing, one of my favorite times as an actress is the drive home from the theatre after an evening show. Matinees are different–it’s still light out, more cars are […]

8 Months

Luciana is 8 months today. Or yesterday. I’m writing this on Thursday but it’ll post on Friday so….ok. She’s 8 months or 8 months and a day. I’ve been really emotional this week and though it doesn’t feel specifically about her having a mini-birthday, I think in some ways it is. I already feel her […]

End of Days

photo here Summer is actually ending. I know by the calendar we have 13 more days, but the light looks different. I always start noticing it in mid-August, always with a pang. I get nostalgic for days that haven’t even happened yet, already missing the weeks that lie ahead. This end-of-summer I’ve been inside more […]

For the Mamas. And the Papas.

I’m a little underslept today—-we leave for Bali tonight for a wedding which of course is turning into a babymoon as well. The pace before leaving town always accelerates—I’m not sure why. So I don’t remember my dreams as well as I often do, but I know I was madly in love with my baby […]

Sneak Peek

The house is coming together. SLOWLY. I’d of course like to do a grand spread where I show you everything perfectly in place, clean, with flowers everywhere and dappled light. And that will be next year. Or hopefully (please!) by June. I’d like to feel moved in by the time baby arrives. But here’s a […]

It Begins

The teacher training I’ve been helping to teach finishes tomorrow. Yesterday we got out a little early and I had time to take a long walk in the park overlooking the ocean. My head started to clear for the first time in a few weeks—I felt the space that’s coming, for a few months anyway. […]

If You’ve Ever Felt Like You’re Pretending

OK it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. Shoot. However, I hope this makes up for the tardiness. This is by a writer I encountered recently and it is one of the most beautiful, articulate group of sentences I’ve read in a while. If you’ve ever felt like you’re posturing or protecting, here’s why not to: We waste […]

Be in the I Don’t Know

A wonderful woman I have the honor of knowing said this in her newsletter as she talked about the brilliance of being willing Not to Know Jump up and down at the question marks long enough for them to become the exclamation points I can think I have to solve it all. I don’t. I […]

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