38 weeks 39 weeks….. Each time I post I wonder if it’ll be the last time before the baby, who’s due on Sunday. I was up Tues morning from 1:30-4am just lying there for no apparent reason. Of course I wondered if something was about to start; it didn’t; I finally went back to sleep […]

Birth Plan and Why We’re Having the Baby in a Hospital

Friday already! Love a short holiday week, though I am on a fairly permanent weekend schedule til the hummingbird arrives. Thought I’d share my birth plan today. I found it so helpful when I was writing mine to read other women’s, and I definitely borrowed from them as well as got help from my midwife […]

4th of July Weekend

I made and wrote a bunch of Thank You notes all you need is colorful inexpensive cards from Paper Source, along with a Thank You stamp and an ink pad. the state of my desk on Sunday morning. I kinda like the chaos for once. There’s that ink pad. Sky and I went away for […]

Frozen Grapefruit in a Bowl

I am a person who is usually cold, likes a duvet in August, and under normal circumstances can drink 5 cups of hot tea on a daily basis. Pregnancy has changed all that. Now I’m the girl who sleeps with no covers and asks for a fan. I drink maybe one cup of tea a […]

Now there’s not much to do but wait. I had my second shower this weekend, this one co-ed and hosted by the lovely and amazing Kristina and her husband/Sky’s brother Brock. (Some women who take my yoga class threw me a beautiful one earlier this month.) I do love a coed shower. I knew it […]

Body Love

I’m getting very “full”, as one of my yoga students remarked last week. Meaning my belly is very…apparent. I like it. I’m also experiencing tremendous fatigue on certain days, which I hear is totally normal–the baby is gaining about 1/2 lb a week–that’s a lot of work for both of us. I’m due a month […]

TIlted and Shifted

I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately. That’s what they tell pregnant women to do, and it does feel really good. I usually opt not to drag my camera, but I do often carry my phone because OMG HOW CAN I BE SEPARATED FROM IT?! No, really it’s because sometimes I listen to music […]


33 weeks and 5 days. That’s just about 8.5 months. Due basically in 6 weeks, which could mean 3 (please, Baby, stay in longer than 3) and could mean 8. Sky is out of town this week, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this could be my last week alone in my […]

First June Weekend

I can’t take credit for these photos—that goes to Kristina when she, Brock and Dashiell stayed here while their house had some painting done on the inside. But I will take credit for landing at Trader Joe’s where it is indeed peony time, and landing there at the perfect moment to snatch some of the […]

A Salad That’s Almost a Sandwich

Have you noticed I declare blogging schedules and then am incapable of following them? My 3x a week posting plan has gone…..I don’t know where. To the land of prenatal yoga which I seem to be doing on those mornings I envisioned myself here. Ah well. To catch you up on Mamaland: reading A LOT […]

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