Happy Endings

Today was going to be the end of the world. Or so I heard.  A friend told me when she was in Macchu Piccu the descendants of the Mayans there were planning on throwing a huge party today. That this wasn’t the end as in we’re all goners, but an end as in a time for cleansing and letting go. Many were going to burn most or all of their possessions in enormous bonfires, and somehow I loved hearing that. I thought of it as I loaded Christmas gifts into my car, adding to the Stuff in the lives of those I love. Part of me wanted to take it all back to the store.

The conversations I’ve heard have been more in line with that:  this is a powerful time energetically–from now until Dec 24th the position of the earth is one that happens every 26, 000 years. That darkness is leaving and light is coming in (we’re on the opposite schedule of Game of Thrones it seems)–of course on the solstice that’s always the case but this is like solstice times 10 million from what I gather. It’s a time for meditation and for going within (Golden Bridge is doing events pretty much around the clock for the next few days). Like 12.12.12, this 12.21.12 isn’t going to happen again in our lifetime or for generations and generations to come. It seems like the era we’re ushering in holds the potential for the healing that the world needs. And it could have been the placebo effect, but I noticed that it was easier for me today to stay quiet and connected in myself, and I was actually moved to tears and overwhelming gratitude more than once by simple things like a text my husband sent me and an airplane making a brilliant pink trail in the sky at sunset.

As this year heads glides towards its own end, I am, of course, thinking about the next one. I haven’t made a list of things I want to do and results I’d like to get. I probably will; I do love a good vision. But today it occurred to me that I don’t want this year to be about the doing and the getting. I get so caught up in all there is to do. From cleaning up the house to trying to make the next thing happen in my career to reading about parenting to trying to have another baby to to to….it just goes on. I know I need more rest. Rest as in sleep, but rest as in mental down time too. I’ve always been an overdoer, and in checking in with my body lately, especially in terms of getting pregnant again, I know that’s the missing piece. And it’s not just about getting to bed earlier, though yes, I need to do that too. I believe it’s about mental quiet; that my internal environment is one of more peace, a slower pace, more presence and less planning. So I’m brewing on that as we head into 2013.

I wish you a peaceful beautiful end of this year. I’m glad we’re still in this world together.

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