Getting My Practice Back

I had no idea what it was to fall of the yoga wagon. Really really fall off. Yoga has been a huge part of my life since I was in my teens–I couldn’t imagine a week without it, barely a few days, yet once I had Luciana I truly think months went by that I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on my mat. Many days I didn’t unroll it at all.

I taught at YogaWorks and privately for 11 years, stopping a month before Luciana was born. Being a teacher grounded me in my yoga: I didn’t feel like a good teacher if I wasn’t maintaining my own practice, so I always did. No matter what life handed me, I made it to my mat. Teaching was an amazing partner career to acting—it was the antithesis of the craziness I felt in The Biz. I’d say things in my classes that I didn’t know I needed to hear myself say until they came out of my mouth. I often finished a class I’d taught feeling present and connected to the world around me in a way I had perhaps lost sight of earlier in the day. I loved loved loved my students; being with them was a gift.

After becoming a mother, I chose not to go back to teaching classes. This was one of many factors, I’m sure, that led to my separation from my yoga. I didn’t have the same accountability and I had so much of it in other areas. So I don’t see it as coincidence that at a time when I was really feeling the effects of a life without regular headstands and warrior poses, I was asked to join a team of amazing teachers at YogaWorks. I became one of a handful of teachers creating videos for MyYogaWorks online yoga classes, I accepted, and with that I had to get into more than 2 downward dogs in a week. I am teaching classes again, but now they’re online! Click video below to see my little intro:)

MyYogaWorks is YogaWorks, you guessed it, but now yoga classes online.  Each week all of us teachers shoot new videos, and new content is added to the MYW site. My favorite classes to teach were always beginner levels, and I love my online beginner yoga classes just as much.  The awesome thing about the site is once you’re a member, you customize what you want to do when you log in. Do you have 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour? Do you want level 1, 2, or 3? Do you want to focus on de-stressing or getting a strong core or learning a headstand?  It’s AWESOME and I will tell you 2 things: 1) I got my practice back because now I’m teaching so I have to. It’s just how it works. and 2) I use the site ALL THE TIME. I owe lots of my mat time during the week to the site. It’s like taking a class from my friends and I’m doing it during nap time or at 930pm. They’re not up yet, but I actually just created a series for mamas to do during naps: short 10-minute sequences you can do solo or string them together for a longer mini-class. I promise to let you know when they’re live. Here’s a quickie video on Triangle Pose in the meantime…

So if you, like me, have found it harder and harder to get to the studio, or you do get there but sometimes you’d rather stay home, or you have 15 minutes and you want to practice but you’re not sure what to do, check the site out. I wouldn’t be telling you about it if I didn’t think it was the bee’s knees. And once you’re in there, let me know if there’s a class you’d like me to create–I love requests and will consider all of them.

Namaste! (I’ve missed saying that!)






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