Family Shoot with Caroline Tran

I can’t believe it took us until Luciana was 20 months old to do an official family shoot. We¬†did do that marvelous holiday shoot I love so much, but that was a mini. Mind you we have hundreds, probably thousands at this point, of photos of the babe, but very very few of all of us together. So this is super-special.

We didn’t at first want to shoot at our house–we’re looking to move and wanted a more pastoral setting or something really wild and modern, blah blah, but ultimately decided this is a place we’re all comfortable and it will be wonderful to have some images of the place where Luciana lived when she was a tiny thing; when it was the three of us; when we making it work however we could. We hired the wonderful Caroline Tran who is a joy to work with. Luciana seems like an entirely different baby now, by the way, which is such a reminder that every photo of every step of their lives is precious because they do change every single day. So for once I’ll leave you with a non-wordy post, and let the pictures speak for themselves.




daddy and LC by CT







luciana and mama CT

Luciana on Amoroso
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  1. juliana says:


  2. Rand says:

    Adopt me!!!!

  3. Ann says:

    Love them all!

  4. nicole says:

    Gorgeous! You three and your natural beauty!

    p.s. Gosh, it’s been sooo long since I’ve checked my favorite blogs; congrats on the shiny new digs! And, of course, I enjoy following your adventures on Instagram, too. xoxo.

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