The 3 of us escaped to Hawaii for July 4th weekend. Though we only had 3 full days there it was one of the most perfect trips we could have imagined.


ocean splash


Luciana is almost 2—at the end of this month she will be. She looks so much like a little girl these days. Her language has exploded: I can’t believe the things coming out of her mouth: how she hears everything, wants to say everything and most amazingly how she’s making links between parts of her life. We’ll be talking about something, a swimming pool, for instance, and she’ll say “Just like….” and name a book in which there’s a pool. Or talk about her swim class. Or tell me someone else who went in a pool. My jaw keeps dropping, especially at the forgotten-or-not-noticed-by-me places she’ll draw links from.


LC at pool

As her mom I am finding my patience tested in new ways–which is her job as an almost 2-year-old. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me to watch reflex reactions and consciously work on shifting them when it obviously doesn’t serve either of us. I did a study group on this dense deep wonderful book, which isn’t the easiest to get through, but has been unbelievable in giving me ways to choose other reactions and unpack where those reactions came from in the first place. And as much as my patience may be tried, my love and awe of Luciana is bigger than it’s ever been.This trip was just a teeny bit bittersweet since it’s our last summer vacation as the 3 of us.


If we’re not social media friends (and I would love to be! Icons to your left….) you might have missed that we’re having another baby in early January!


I’m 14 weeks now and beginning to look maybe a little bit pregnant in a place other than my thighs.


It’s been true, what all my second-time mama friends told me, that there just isn’t the same time spent and focus on the second pregnancy. I have Luciana. There’s been time every morning and night and in the occasional prenatal yoga class to start to feel the new spirit, but it was on this trip our new little being started to feel real and here. We won’t be finding out boy or girl, and for now Baby goes by The Dolphin. S/he feels strong, playful, light, and very very happy in the water.

Sky and I, though we didn’t have much time the 2 of us, got to slow down and be present together and that is so precious these days. He put down work, I put down baby planning and we just were. And that was magical.


Hope summer is treating all of you beautifully. Wishing you lots of late afternoons in the sand.


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